Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun In Edmond

After the fun in the Asian District
I went to visit my sweet friend Amy
and her family in Edmond

The kiddos played on the water slide

Swung on swings

I brought Amy & Grace these 
matching Vera Bradley Aprons
They both LOVE aprons!

Gracie & I baked Sprinkles Cupcakes
They were AH-Mazing!  

I took the day off on Monday
and we went SHOPPING!!!
Some serious Damage was done...
good damage though.

Grace dressed herself in this adorable outfit
accessorized by the bangle bracelets
I brought back for her from India

Before I left I snapped a picture of the 
Gorgeous Couple celebrating their 8th 
Wedding Anniversary
Happy Anniversary!

I hit the road to head back to Tulsa...
I was's hard going back 
when you have such amazing friends that 
make it hard to say goodbye to.
Love you guys!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Asian Persuasion

Some of the residents went to OKC for a scientific assembly.  It ended Saturday so after work, Matt & I drove to OKC to meet up with them for a day of Asian Cuisine.  Saturday Night we went into the Asian District of OKC for Vietnamese food and Boba tea.  It was a night of interesting, yet delicious food.

Matt, Kyle, Jude & Vanessa

Mango & Strawberry Boba Tea

We ended our Asian Feast on Sunday morning with 
It was a very delicious and fun time together.

Welcome to IHI Interns!

We had an ice cream social to welcome the new interns to In His Image Family Practice Residency.  Here's the class of 2011!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Snipp, snipp!!!

My hair was driving me NUTS!!!  So....last week I scheduled an appointment to get my hair cut.
I told the stylist I had no clue what I wanted, I was just tired of my hair looking the same.
We talked about my options and here are the before and after pictures.



9.5 inches...GONE!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Threw Another Shower

I love throwing parties and everyone has caught onto that so I threw a shower last Sunday evening.  Here are a couple of pics of the table.

Dinner with the fam

Mom, Catrina & Fred
Cutie patootie!
I met my Mom, Fred & Catrina for dinner the other night.  My niece is getting soooo big!

Lunch with the Fam

Aunt Pat & My Great Grandma- Nana
Me & Rhonda

We're trying to do lunch, just the 4 of us once a month.  I love these ladies to PIECES!
Keep Rhonda in your prayers- she has surgery on Tuesday.

I Finally Got Curtains!!!

Baby Harrison...

Harrison- 9 lbs. 21.5 in.
He's Pre-K size!  :-D
Precious little boy
Proud Mama- Cristin

My friends Joey & Cristin welcomed their adorable little boy into the world.
They didn't know what they were having and they kept the name a secret until he was born!
I LOVE the name they picked out for him!
Congrats guys!