Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

Some of the gang getting ready to watch the movie
Fun times at sunrise
Happy Easter!
Clint leading us in worship
The fam getting ready to dye eggs

Easter was different for me this year and I'm not the only one to say that.  Several of my friends felt the same way.  It was fun though.  Some of my friends got together for dinner on Saturday night, then we watched the Passion of the Christ.  After the movie was over we had communion and prayer.  Followed by lots of conversation about the movie.  If you haven't seen it...I HIGHLY recommend it (Have a box of tissues near by).  
As I said before Easter was different this year.  One way it was different is that no one in my entire family had made plans for it.  It was quite upsetting.  So some of my friends and I had talked about going to Glass Mountain (sorry for the ghetto website- it was the only one I could find) and hiking for a sunrise service of our own.  We decided that we couldn't do that so we went to the lovely Arkansas River right here in Tulsa to watch the sunrise.  We had a sweet time of worship and prayer- as the bright sun started to peek over the hill I was reminded of my favorite quote from the movie when Mary says "Why is this night different from every other night" The reply was "Because, once we were slaves....and we are slaves no longer"  Praise the LAMB!!!  Thanks to His sacrifice we can rejoice in Freedom!!!  Easter is the day that we can say today is different from every other day- we were once slaves but we are slaves no longer!  
After our sunrise service I went to the early service at my church.  Saturday night around 10:30 the fam decided to make plans for Easter Sunday.  So I went to hang out with my Aunt & Uncle for lunch, took a nap, then waited on the rest of the family to arrive for dinner that evening.  I always enjoy hanging out with them.  I help my cousins dye Easter eggs then went home after that.  

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Auntie & Niece Bonding Time...What Better Way to Bond Than Shopping?!?!

Strolling down the mall
The Outfit
Falling asleep on Auntie Alecia
Out like a light!

I got to spend the evening with my adorable little niece last night while my Mom was at church helping out with play practice.  So, off we went to the mall!  We couldn't take off without putting her favorite CD on though...Baby Jamz- ever heard of it?!?!  It cracks me up- it put a Hip-hop flare on Nursery Rhymes.  Catrina just bobs her head and dances when you turn it on. First stop....Chick -Fil-A for dinner hungry baby=unhappy baby.  From there we went to Gymboree to get the beautiful little dress that I found on-line.  She is sooo stinkin' cute- as I pushed her in her stroller she would hold one little leg out- Presh!  She saw so many things that she liked as we strolled down the halls to the elevator.  When we got off the elevator we were off to the Gap for some shoes.  We couldn't find a sweater anywhere that matched so we went to Kohl's to get that. It wasn't 45 minutes after we got home that she was out!  She shopped 'til she dropped!  
Can't wait to hang out with her again on Friday!

Shower For Baby "Shink"

The Spread
Sasha & Irina with the Pack 'n' Play
Baby Shink, Irina & Sasha
Baby Shink was excited over her new 
stuff...she was movin' like crazy in Irina's belly!

My friends Sasha & Irina are expecting their first baby in May.  Cathie, Christine & I with the help of a few others threw them a shower Sunday.  It was sooo much fun.  Sasha & Irina are from Kazakhstan and this was all a very cultural experience for them from the registering to the shower...it was all so new and different for them.  Where they're from the cultural tradition is to visit the family in their home after the baby is born.  We just crammed 35 people into one room and showered them with tons of gifts...it was a BLAST!!!  Part of the reason registering was difficult for them is the fact that they're asking people to spend money on certain items.  Irina purposely didn't register for a Pack 'n' Play because it cost so much even though deep down she really wanted one.  After making a quick call to Sasha we found out that it would be a dream come true for Irina to have a Pack 'n' Play.  A few of us went in together to get this great gift as a surprise for her- and boy was she surprised.  It's so fun to bless people that way and when they're so grateful it makes it that much sweeter.  
All the people that were there that are already parents went around the room and gave the new parents to be advice in raising their child.  After that a few people went around the room and prayed for Sasha, Irina and the baby.  It was a sweet time to hear the advice and to pray for our friends.  

Can't wait to meet baby Shink!!!

Sprinkles Cupcakes...YUMMM!

Voila...The Final Product

So, after my trip to the Big D and my first taste of Sprinkles cupcakes....I had to use the mix that my friend got me from William-Sonoma.  It was so much fun- there's a lot more to it than just a mix....you get to make your own icing and everything.  My favorite part- putting the little dot on top just like the ones at Sprinkles Beverly Hills.  If you wanna make some yourself here's a link to find this mix or a few others...they have the Red Velvet mix- Sprinkles is famous for their Red Velvet cupcakes.  They turned out great and my roomie said they were "Divine"...Mission accomplished!
Have fun when you make your Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Birthday Dinner!!!

Back Row clockwise- Val, Irina, Alex, Matt
Cathie, Me & Christine 
Unfortunately most of the people had left before this pic was taken.

Several of my friends came over last Sunday for another Birthday celebration...like I said...I plan on celebrating all month ;-D  It was a fun time to have everyone over...I LOVE hosting people- I can't do it enough.  I finally got my entire house organized and I'm so thrilled to have people over and not have to close certain door b/c I didn't want them to see some awful mess!  Everyone brought over some delicious food and we had a great time eating and enjoying each others company.  We had an amazing lemon raspberry cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and a marble cake as well!  It was such a sweet time.  Irina started this tradition last year on Alex's birthday where everyone goes around and says what they like about the Birthday boy/girl.  So...it stuck with the group and we've done it ever since and they continued the tradition on my birthday.  They said some of the most encouraging and amazing things.  All things that I need to hear, because deep down I didn't really believe them about myself.  It takes hearing it from others to really believe it.  Needless to say, I was very touched and Amy...you would've been proud...I didn't cry until the very end when Christine started to cry and it wasn't my movie cry either!!!
All in all it was a great evening and I felt truly blessed!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Birthday Weekend...Who Am I Kidding....Birthday MONTH!!!

Sippin' on some Boba Latte
Michael Buble Concert (L- Christine, Me & Cathie)
Me and Hunter!
Last Sunday was my birthday and I started celebrating Friday with my family.  We went out to Owasso and had dinner at Logan's Roadhouse...yummy food!  Of course they had to embarrass me and have me stand on a chair in the restaurant so everyone could wish me a "YeeeeeHawww" Birthday.  
The next day I left for Dallas to have a fun girls weekend with 2 of my dear friends, Cathie and Christine.  We stopped at an Asian market and got some stuff to make my favorite...Curry chicken among other dishes and we went next door to have Boba Tea.  Then we went to the Shops at Legacy...FUN shops and great places to eat.  We had dinner at Mi Cocina and had some delicious food.  We then went to the Container Store....I feel organized just walking through the doors!!!  I got some containers for some gift wrapping stuff that will go in my newly organized closet (Which I've managed to keep in tip top shape for almost an entire month)!  Next...the World Market...what don't they have, seriously?!?!   Then we went to one of my favorite stores to visit Z Gallerie- they have so many great things, I love to just look and get ideas.  I found a pillow on-line and it inspired the entire color scheme of my living room!  
We had a bit of drama on the way down to Texas...the whole reason we were going is to see Michael Buble in concert...LOVE HIM!  Well...we got to the Texas state line and Cathie realized she left the tickets on her dresser!!! Needless to say she didn't sleep well that night but we got up and got on the phone with ticket master right away and they hooked us up with some replacement tickets...same seats and everything, whew!  
After we got the ticket thing squared away we went to Gateway Church where one of my favorite worship leaders, Kari Jobe (pronounced like the book of the Bible), leads worship.  All of it was great, the worship, the message, the bookstore...EVERYTHING!  
After church we were off to this cozy little cafe called La Duni- I HIGHLY recommend it and the Pastry Basket is a MUST....One word about this nice little restaurant....DA-LISH!!!  After La Duni we decided to go to Sprinkles Beverly Hills for my birthday cupcake, there was a line out the door...kind of crazy but WORTH IT!!!  Off to the Galleria Mall....spent my one of my birthday gift certificates and got some new shades, that I LOVE.  We went back to the hotel and got ready for the Concert (That was on my actual b-day- Michael told me he wanted to do a special concert for my b-day, so I said "twist my arm") ;-D  It was great.  This UNBELIEVABLE group called Naturally 7 opened for him- they do vocal play...what that means is they don't have a single instrument but it sounds like they have an entire band b/c they make the sounds of the different instruments with their MOUTHS!!!!  Incredible.  Michael put on an amazing show, as usual, very entertaining and humorous.  I really like seeing him in concert.  We went back to the hotel and enjoyed our delicious cupcakes that we got earlier that day...YUMMY.  
We decided we had better get back to T-town b/c the weather was supposed to be bad the whole drive back.  We had a delicious Latin breakfast at Cafe Brazil.   After that, we made a quick stop in Allen to see my dog Hunter.  When I moved into my apartment and Nana moved to Owasso we couldn't keep him :-(  I miss him sooo much but it was great seeing him...He jumped all over me and wouldn't stop licking my face....it was sooooo cute.  
That was my birthday weekend....I'll be celebrating with some friends this Sunday evening with dinner at my apt....I'll post pictures later of that one.


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