Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shower For Baby "Shink"

The Spread
Sasha & Irina with the Pack 'n' Play
Baby Shink, Irina & Sasha
Baby Shink was excited over her new 
stuff...she was movin' like crazy in Irina's belly!

My friends Sasha & Irina are expecting their first baby in May.  Cathie, Christine & I with the help of a few others threw them a shower Sunday.  It was sooo much fun.  Sasha & Irina are from Kazakhstan and this was all a very cultural experience for them from the registering to the was all so new and different for them.  Where they're from the cultural tradition is to visit the family in their home after the baby is born.  We just crammed 35 people into one room and showered them with tons of was a BLAST!!!  Part of the reason registering was difficult for them is the fact that they're asking people to spend money on certain items.  Irina purposely didn't register for a Pack 'n' Play because it cost so much even though deep down she really wanted one.  After making a quick call to Sasha we found out that it would be a dream come true for Irina to have a Pack 'n' Play.  A few of us went in together to get this great gift as a surprise for her- and boy was she surprised.  It's so fun to bless people that way and when they're so grateful it makes it that much sweeter.  
All the people that were there that are already parents went around the room and gave the new parents to be advice in raising their child.  After that a few people went around the room and prayed for Sasha, Irina and the baby.  It was a sweet time to hear the advice and to pray for our friends.  

Can't wait to meet baby Shink!!!

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