Thursday, March 20, 2008

Auntie & Niece Bonding Time...What Better Way to Bond Than Shopping?!?!

Strolling down the mall
The Outfit
Falling asleep on Auntie Alecia
Out like a light!

I got to spend the evening with my adorable little niece last night while my Mom was at church helping out with play practice.  So, off we went to the mall!  We couldn't take off without putting her favorite CD on though...Baby Jamz- ever heard of it?!?!  It cracks me up- it put a Hip-hop flare on Nursery Rhymes.  Catrina just bobs her head and dances when you turn it on. First stop....Chick -Fil-A for dinner hungry baby=unhappy baby.  From there we went to Gymboree to get the beautiful little dress that I found on-line.  She is sooo stinkin' cute- as I pushed her in her stroller she would hold one little leg out- Presh!  She saw so many things that she liked as we strolled down the halls to the elevator.  When we got off the elevator we were off to the Gap for some shoes.  We couldn't find a sweater anywhere that matched so we went to Kohl's to get that. It wasn't 45 minutes after we got home that she was out!  She shopped 'til she dropped!  
Can't wait to hang out with her again on Friday!

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Steven & Amy said...

That dress is super cute...we were in Gymboree yesterday buying the girls swimsuits, they were having a great sale.
She looks adorable...make sure to post pics of her from Easter...we want to see her in the dress.