Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Finally Caught Up!!!'s 12:15am and I'm finally caught up on allllll my blogging....
I'll try to stay on top of it more.  
So get to have lots of catching up to do!  ;-D


I Love her and her crazy curls!

Back From Burma!!!

The team arrived Sunday morning at 7:45- they were greeted with cheers from friends & family.  Everyone was healthy but tired.  It was sooo fun to welcome them home and hear a few stories before the news crews nabbed 'em!

A little blurry but very Armageddon- like!
She was sooo happy to see him.
The whole fam.
Met with News Crews Again....
Blair & Aaron being interviewed 
by channel 8's Burt Mummolo
Dr. D being interviewed

Anya- 1 Week Old



Every other Sunday is Risk at the Duininck's house.  This is a time for the kids from their church and school to get together and talk about the Word and just have fun.  This was the first weekend the team to Burma was gone so Leah explained to the group what had happened there and we had a prayer time for the team.  These kids are fantastic and their prayers were lead by the Lord and sincere.  
Sammy wanted me to take pics of him in mid air off the diving board...the trend continued to several of the other kiddos.

Megan, Hanna & Victoria
Megan, Hanna & Victoria

Welcome to Tulsa Kris...Oh, and Happy Birthday

Kris is an incoming intern...he begins residency on July 1st.  He and his adorable wife, Nicole moved to Tulsa on Saturday and had everyone over for a cookout that evening...and can I tell you, their entire house was unpacked and fully decorated with paint and all...UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Kris has just about every wii game there is and he got 4 steering wheels for Mario Kart...we all got into that game- toddlers and all!

Kris & Nicole with the Cupps little boy

Off to Burma

As you probably know a Cyclone hit Burma on May 3rd and wiped out millions and their military regime was preventing aid for the people.  Through a divine connection my boss was invited to come with a disaster relief team.  They left on May 16th.  We had the most amazing prayer time after work on the 15th...the Holy Spirit was moving like I've never felt before.  
Keep the Burmese people in your prayers....they are really suffering right now.

Dr. D & Leah 
(Dr. D's dad & Mom praying over the team)
The Team
The team was met at the airport by news crews

Sammy's Soccer Tournament- Edmond

Leah texted me and asked if I could go with her to Sam's soccer tournament in Edmon a couple of weeks ago.  He rocks...that kid can ball like nobody's business.  
Sweet story...the Duininck's always pray with their kids before their games.  We dropped Sammy off and Leah was trying to get to where she could pray with him.  He said "I'll find you before my game starts"  She said, "Promise?!?"  Sammy, "Promise".  So the game's about to start and here comes Sam running through the opponents team and across the field...the people in the crowd were like "what does he want?!?!"  Leah said "I know what he wants!" And got up and prayed with was sooo sweet.  After 80 mins. of ball...they tied.  In a tournament, that's good.  Their team advanced to the next round.  Strong work buddy!

We ended the afternoon on some delicious sushi at Fuji in Edmond.  Good Stuff!  

Sam comin' for pre game prayer!

Sammy doin' what he does best!

We'll Miss You Rosie....

Rosie's last day in the office was Friday...we are all sooo bummed.  She's pursuing a dream though and we support her.  We'll just miss her sweet spirit and silliness around the office.  
We all got together for lunch that day and surprised her with a beautiful wooden craft box fully stocked with colored pencils, paints, brushes & sketch pads.  She was moved to tears.  Love ya girl!

Hangin' with the Kiddos!!!

All of my friends have the most precious children...I'm sooo blessed to get to hang out with them and just watch them grow into these unbelievable creations.  They're so sweet, clever and just a joy to be around.  They love like no other- it makes me feel so special to be their Auntie Alecia or as Linda says "Tia Alecia"- she's half Honduran.  :-)

Christian & Linda
Christian's Brother Nathaniel- love that smile!
Christian to Alecia:  "Come oonnnn!"

Baby Shink is here!!!

Sasha & Irina welcomed their sweet baby girl, Anya
into the world on May 20th!  She is PRESH!  
I love this family- the love the Lord sooo much 
and they are crazy about this baby!
They are going to be the most wonderful parents!
Congrats Sash & Irina- She's beautiful!

A Mother's Day Like None Other

Mother's day was a bit different for me this year.  We all gathered at 
my aunt & uncle's new house.  After grillin' brother spotted Uncle Watt's 
ATV and wanted to ride.  Well....I've always ridden on the back and I wanted
to learn, so when he was done taking Catrina for a spin, he showed me how it worked.
I got on in my gaucho's and hot pink flip flops, clearly ATV apparel, and took off down the street.  It was a lot of fun...I will definitely do it again.  Adam asked if there were some fields to drive through and after we didn't see if for a while we decided to get in the car to look for him...Needless to say, it was a typical Adam moment...he's up to his knees in mud trying to get it out.  After a couple of failed attempts we finally got him out.  
We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find my mom & step dad a new house....we're getting close.  Hopefully soon.
Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.

Thanks to my amazing Great Grandmother Nana (85 yrs. old) for raising me and investing her life into me.  I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for her never ending sacrifices.
Love you TONS!

Nana & Catrina
Mom & Catrina
Adam & his daughter, Catrina
Adam teaching me how to drive a 4 wheeler!
That's many of you were doing that
on mother's day?!?
My brother after we pulled him 
out of the mud
Chillin' after the big mess

Volunteer Appreciation Day

As you know I work for a free mobile clinic....
Well we couldn't function if it weren't for our amazing & faithful
Volunteers.  It's my one big event the I plan every year to honor them.
We have it out at my bosses house and they have the most beautiful
property.  A small lake, beautiful walking trails, fire pit, etc.
A few of the docs I work with decided to take the paddle boat
out on the lake.  They started out like this...but by the time 
the trip around the lake was over, they were all in 
different spots....they switched place 3 times while out
on the water- AND NEVER FELL IN!!!!!
We ALL know if I was in that boat....we would've been 
overboard if I was trying to switch places...I'm such a clutz!
It turned out to be a great evening and the volunteers were very appreciative
of everything....we just LOVE them!  Thank you Volunteers
for your servants heart and love for the underserved.

Breakfast Smoothies by Cora

My roomie & I had a sleepover with Cora...I just love
this girl.  She's a ton of fun and sweet as sugar.
It was the first Saturday I got to sleep in in a while.
When I got up Cora & Andreia made
Breakfast smoothies....YUMMY!
I watch Cora & her brother Levi
when the rents are out of town/country
so I'm gonna try once a month to have her over 
for girls night.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hanna's Prom

Leah asked me to help set up for the after prom party at her house....before that we went to take pictures at the pre prom party....Hanna looked GORGEOUS and her adorable date, Charlie was soooo handsome. 
This picture looks like they're standing in 
front of a back drop but they aren't 
this was someone's back yard
Hanna & Leah
"No...he's cute!"
I've been experimenting with different
angles...I love how this pic turned out.
The little house where the pre prom party was

Daisy watchin' as we set up for the after prom party.
It looked GORGEOUS out there.  We had candles going up the steps,
tables with white table cloths and candles on them, tikki torches
and flowers.  I didn't get any pics after we were finished.
I was sooo glad to be done, I just wanted to sit down and
totally spaced takin' a picture of the finished product.

Photo Session with Catrina

I got this adorable dress for Catrina when I went to China in 2007.  It finally fits her perfectly.  I won a free session at a local photo studio so we wanted to use that to get some pics of her in her China dress.  Well, Catrina was not in the mood at all to get her picture taken...she was screaming and crying and the lady was only able to get 17 shots of her, 5 of which she was screaming and crying in.  This is what she looked like the second we left the studio...TYPICAL!

Movie Night with Dalty, Colin & Parker

Colin, Dalton & their new puppy Parker

Colin is such a trooper....Dalton came over for a movie night and
Colin joined us after work....we watched 27 Dresses and Colin
watched the whole movie without a single complaint...The things you do for love.

Cinco de Mayo!!! Aaarrreeebaaahh!

We had a Cinco de Mayo luncheon at work
any reason to have a lunch together
Later that evening I went to Red Rock with
my dear friend Christine
(Amy this is where I ran into Steph)

We also ran into a couple of other
dear friends that were out on a date
Chus & Stacie

Ken & Barbie....I mean Billy & Lauren Get Married!!!

Do you see why it's easy to get the 
two couples confused?!?!  ;-D
Clint, Matt, Rochelle & Cindi
2 of my favorite people
Leah & Dr. D

The Going Away Outfit...sooo pretty.

Lauren & Billy got married at a gorgeous church downtown 
and had the reception at the famous Mayo building.  
It was sooo much fun.  Lots of friends, delicious food,
lots of dancing and TONS of pictures (didn't post them all of course).