Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hanna's Prom

Leah asked me to help set up for the after prom party at her house....before that we went to take pictures at the pre prom party....Hanna looked GORGEOUS and her adorable date, Charlie was soooo handsome. 
This picture looks like they're standing in 
front of a back drop but they aren't 
this was someone's back yard
Hanna & Leah
"No...he's cute!"
I've been experimenting with different
angles...I love how this pic turned out.
The little house where the pre prom party was

Daisy watchin' as we set up for the after prom party.
It looked GORGEOUS out there.  We had candles going up the steps,
tables with white table cloths and candles on them, tikki torches
and flowers.  I didn't get any pics after we were finished.
I was sooo glad to be done, I just wanted to sit down and
totally spaced takin' a picture of the finished product.


Steven & Amy said...

Yes, that really is a little house, now isn't it. Mine must be a shack!

Amanda said...

I love it. Gorgeous!!!