Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sammy's Soccer Tournament- Edmond

Leah texted me and asked if I could go with her to Sam's soccer tournament in Edmon a couple of weeks ago.  He rocks...that kid can ball like nobody's business.  
Sweet story...the Duininck's always pray with their kids before their games.  We dropped Sammy off and Leah was trying to get to where she could pray with him.  He said "I'll find you before my game starts"  She said, "Promise?!?"  Sammy, "Promise".  So the game's about to start and here comes Sam running through the opponents team and across the field...the people in the crowd were like "what does he want?!?!"  Leah said "I know what he wants!" And got up and prayed with was sooo sweet.  After 80 mins. of ball...they tied.  In a tournament, that's good.  Their team advanced to the next round.  Strong work buddy!

We ended the afternoon on some delicious sushi at Fuji in Edmond.  Good Stuff!  

Sam comin' for pre game prayer!

Sammy doin' what he does best!

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