Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Lion King

Becca & Kristy came to the City to go to The Lion King with was sooo much fun. We were really looking forward to keeping with the African theme and enjoying some Ethiopian food afterwards...UNFORTUNATELY, Queen of Sheba is closed on Sunday...can you say 3 very disappointed girls :-( Instead we went to Zorba's Mediterranean food. It was VERY delicious. On Saturday nights they have belly dancers...we've already discussed a Saturday that they can come and have Ethiopian for lunch and Zorba's for dinner and belly dancing!!! Ha!

Thanks Ladies for such a fun day!!! Love and Miss you TONS!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun Times at the Arts Festival!!!

Last Sunday I HAD to go to the Arts Festival...which, let's get real, no one really goes there for the art unless they plan on dropping a couple grand on a tiny piece of art! The real reason everyone rolls out is for the DELICIOUS fair food! I had some amazing Indian food and Strawberries Newport...Mmmm MMMM! Which I totally forgot to take pictures of, probably because I was too worried about my food flying away due to the tornadic winds we had! The picture below is a great shot of us walking against the CRAZY was unbelievable!

Yup...that's right...we laid down on the sidewalk downtown...probably a bit dangerous considering we don't know what's been on those sidewalks!!!

Sunday was the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon in Memory of what happened 14 years are a couple of unsuspecting participants :-)

I love this picture that I took of Jen...I really like how it turned out!

This couple was the BEST Art that we saw at the Arts Festival...sooo sweet...we couldn't resist taking their picture!

Hope you enjoyed looking at these pics. We had a great time taking them! I love the Downtown shots...sooo fun.