Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ready for Spring

So, it's spring but there's snow today?!?! I'm READY for returns to nature, grass is green, the flowers bloom and it leads to Summer, my favorite season of the year! Here's a few pictures of my favorite flower, the Tulip! They put a :-)on my face.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Charged and Ready to Go!!!

I won my e-bay auction and I FINALLY got my camera battery charger in the mail today!!! Wooo HOOO!!!! I can start downloading pics and update my blog :-) I'll start that tonight when I get home from work!

I'm sooo glad to get my camera back :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Sweet Niece

Love her!!! On my birthday my mom called and while I was talking to her she asked Catrina if she wanted to tell my happy birthday, so...Catrina gets on the phone and in her little raspy voice, sings her own version of Happy was SOOOO STINKIN' CUTE!!! I just love her to pieces and would hug her forever if she would let me!

Tulsa State Fair with Cora!!!

I told Cora that I would take her to the State Fair and I TOTALLY forgot when the day came...I remembered around 7pm and called her parents to see if I could still take her...I didn't want to let her down. They said sure, so I picked her up and we jetted to the Fair. We had a great time. Cora had her first Funnel Cake and we rode the swings. It was a fun time for the 2 of us! Love you Corky! :-)

Farwell Tumlison's...We'll Miss You!

The Tumlison's are off to Honduras. We had a nice farwell party at the Cupp's house. It was a house full of friends that are like family, really and lots of kiddos!!! It was a nice time together. We had prayer time for them followed by a tearful goodbye for me. Love and miss you all TONS!

A Couple of My Favorite Little Girls...

I always have a blast hanging out with these cuties! They're soooo much fun to be around and they ALWAYS make me laugh!
Grace makes her Auntie Alecia feel so loved and Sophie just cracks me up with her personality. My friends have some adorable little girls! They melt my heart frequently.

One of My FAVORITE Places to Be!!!

Amy and I took a little trip to Norman to walk around Campus Corner. It had been a while since I'd been to Norman and there's always great shopping and fond memories! We spent a LOT of time here in our college years...a couple of great memories I have are: going to LOTS of games, camping out for OU/TX tickets, at the spur of the moment, deciding with Amy, Kenny & Kestle to go get tickets from a scalper for the Rolling Stones concert, ESPN Game Day in Norman the day we beat Nebraska and the goal posts came down, welcoming the National Championship team home from the Orange Bowl after an undefeated season, and many, MANY more memories. Good Times...good times!

Playing a little game of Catch Up....

So, I've been sooo bad at blogging lately. In the move I misplaced my camera cord as well as battery charger. That's no excuse for the 3 months I missed in blogging before I moved :-) So, this afternoon I found my camera cord and used what juice was left in my camera to download some it's time to get caught up! :-)I'm bidding on a battery charger on ebay so hopefully I'll be able to charge my battery and start taking some more pictures!

I'll start with my visit to Edmond for Grace & Sophie's 1st & 4th Mickey & Minie B-day party. The kids all wore their PJ's and watched a Mickey movie on the lawn. There were Mickey ears, popcorn and cotton candy for the kiddos.