Saturday, March 14, 2009

One of My FAVORITE Places to Be!!!

Amy and I took a little trip to Norman to walk around Campus Corner. It had been a while since I'd been to Norman and there's always great shopping and fond memories! We spent a LOT of time here in our college years...a couple of great memories I have are: going to LOTS of games, camping out for OU/TX tickets, at the spur of the moment, deciding with Amy, Kenny & Kestle to go get tickets from a scalper for the Rolling Stones concert, ESPN Game Day in Norman the day we beat Nebraska and the goal posts came down, welcoming the National Championship team home from the Orange Bowl after an undefeated season, and many, MANY more memories. Good Times...good times!


Amy said...

just think...we can go to Norman anytime now! Now that it's warm...lets go shop & eat Campus Corner

Amy said...

I kinda don't remember the Rolling Stones evening or who Kestle is

Alecia said...

Really?!?! Unbeleiveable...I had sooo much fun at that concert...I'm sooo glad we can head to Norman anytime...Sunday's are perfect for Campus Corner and shopping!