Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Offer....or Giveaway I Couldn't Refuse

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY!!! I've stumbled upon a couple of lovely sites that have decided to have a REALLY GENEROUS giveaway!!!

Florabella has beautiful shots and nice action & textures to purchase to edit photos. She is giving away $250 to shop for these beautiful Actions & Textures.

A Workshop Workbook plus free posing guide with a value over $500- From Skye Harwick

A phone consultation with Skye Harwick Valued at $350

Here's hopin' I'm one of the Lucky 6 that is chosen! Say a little prayer & keep your fingers crosses.

This is the jump start I need to grow my talents of photography....I have a LOT to learn and would LOVE the opportunity to win such a beautiful package from these talented ladies!