Thursday, May 29, 2008

Volunteer Appreciation Day

As you know I work for a free mobile clinic....
Well we couldn't function if it weren't for our amazing & faithful
Volunteers.  It's my one big event the I plan every year to honor them.
We have it out at my bosses house and they have the most beautiful
property.  A small lake, beautiful walking trails, fire pit, etc.
A few of the docs I work with decided to take the paddle boat
out on the lake.  They started out like this...but by the time 
the trip around the lake was over, they were all in 
different spots....they switched place 3 times while out
on the water- AND NEVER FELL IN!!!!!
We ALL know if I was in that boat....we would've been 
overboard if I was trying to switch places...I'm such a clutz!
It turned out to be a great evening and the volunteers were very appreciative
of everything....we just LOVE them!  Thank you Volunteers
for your servants heart and love for the underserved.

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