Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sprinkles Cupcakes...YUMMM!

Voila...The Final Product

So, after my trip to the Big D and my first taste of Sprinkles cupcakes....I had to use the mix that my friend got me from William-Sonoma.  It was so much fun- there's a lot more to it than just a get to make your own icing and everything.  My favorite part- putting the little dot on top just like the ones at Sprinkles Beverly Hills.  If you wanna make some yourself here's a link to find this mix or a few others...they have the Red Velvet mix- Sprinkles is famous for their Red Velvet cupcakes.  They turned out great and my roomie said they were "Divine"...Mission accomplished!
Have fun when you make your Sprinkles Cupcakes.


Steven & Amy said...

You look like such a professional blogger with your ingredient picture. Grace & I will have to make ours soon...we have the vanilla mix

Alecia said...

I learn from the best! ;-D It was so much fun and everyone at work LOVES them! I can't wait to buy the other mixes!