Monday, February 18, 2008

Purging....In A Good Way!!!

I got these amazing hanging shelves at Kohl's
My HUGE closet!  I couldn't walk half way in before last week
My clean bedroom....I never thought I'd see it....the floor that is!
The stuff I'm takin' to Goodwill!

So...I moved into my apartment one year ago this's taken me that long to get organized.  Thanks to my AMAZING friend, Cindi....I now have the most immaculate room and closet, EVER!!!  Cindi and I came home every evening, after work, last week and worked our TAILS OFF!!!  It was fun for Cindi just to organize and do what she does was fun for me to hang out with a friend and have some good laughs in the process!  17 bags of trash and 2 car loads off to Goodwill later...this is what my room and closet look like.  Sorry I don't have any before aunt & uncle borrowed my camera for their vacation and I just got it back last night :-(  Oh least you get to see the finished product, right?!?!

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Steven & Amy said...

I'm impressed, it looks great!! Can you & Cindi come to my house next...I have lots of organizing to do!