Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Running- Klaus Featuring Kari Jobe

I hear the voice
It’s the voice of the One I love
He’s callin my name
I hear the voice
The voice of the One I love,
Hes callin my name
Hes sayin…
Come up higher
I hear the angels sing
Come up higher, my beloved
Come up higher and leave this world behind
I find you to be beautiful
I am running, running after You
Youve become my soul’s delight
I am running, running after You
Here with You I find my life.

It's been a long time.... but after hearing this song, I had to post and let everyone in on something that really ministered to my heart last night.
I heard this song during a prayer time at a friends church. It reminds me so much of God's relentless pursuit of our hearts. It's absolutely beautiful....enjoy, I hope it ministers to your heart as much as it did mine!

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