Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Redesign

Thanks to my sweet friend Christa over at One Cheap Mama I was inspired....

I wanted to redesign my blog....

I've been in the mood to redesign a LOT these days!

I found my new blog background and header over at

as suggested by Christa.

What's great about The Background Fairy....

she has TONS of designs to choose from

as well as step-by-step instructions

for how to apply them to your blog...

This is PERFECT for the

technologically challenged

like myself!

I also added a few of my favorite blogs

to my MUST VISIT section...

check them will NOT be disappointed!

Hope you get inspired...

Now if ONLY my bedroom redesign

could go this fast!!!


Cinthya said...

Tia Lisha, I will check the blog fairy out! When will you come to see us? God bless you!

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