Friday, August 26, 2011

My Long Awaited & Over Due Bedroom Redesign

It all started back in December of last year...I came across this lovely picture.
Within a half an hour I had an entire bedroom redesigned in my mind!
The gray, the white, the pop of yellow...I LOVED IT ALL!

I was now on the hunt for the perfect wall color...
the bedding...
the accent lamp...
the fabric for my curtains &
tufted headboard (yes, with the help of my
amazing family...we MADE the headboard!)
Thanks to this wonderful tutorial you can find here.
It was very helpful and
it is 27 pages
of step-by-step goodness!

This was a work in progress
over the next few months
gathering things as
my budget allowed,
waiting for bedding to go on sale,
finding great deals at flea markets,
waiting for the ever failthful
40% off coupon from
Hobby Lobby,
looking for just the right color
and fabric for the
Tufted Beauty.

In July, thanks to friends & family
We made it happen...
Let the fun begin!

Here are the before pictures....
The dark green was killing me...
never mind the fact that I've had the same
comforter set since 2001! Don't get me wrong,
it's a great set that I got at Dillard's and enjoyed the
years of mix matching sheets...but it was time to

(I didn't think about before pictures until we
were literally in the process of moving stuff)

The cute desk I purchased with the money I got
for my birthday (Yay for still getting birthday money)
It was only $89 and I found it a really cute
Antique Market here in Oklahoma City
called The Rink Gallery
It's a really fun place and on Sunday's
they have Live Music and Free Refreshments
while you shop! get the picture...
This room needed HELP!

Currently, I rent a home with a couple of friends.
I knew I had to get approval from the landlord
to paint.

I sent them my top three and they happened to pick
my favorite color!
Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray- You can find
it at your local Home Depot
Painting the room, alone, made a HUGE difference!
With the help of my sweet roomie...
we had the room painted in a matter
of a few hours one Sunday evening.

My very talented Graphics Designer friend
Amanda came & spent 2.5 hours drawing
the outline and button placement
for the headboard...
what a blessing & what a sweet friend!
I don't work well with numbers...
without her help, it would've been a disaster,
I'm sure of it.

Thanks friend!

My wonderful grandparents drove from
Tulsa to help me make it all happen...
They are very talented and AMAZING!

I had the wonderful task of making
each button

My grandma is an incredibly talented seamstress...
She, along with the help of my great grandmother,
made my curtains, shower curtain
and a couple of accent pillows.
They spent over 100 hours in between
the 2 Saturdays sewing!!
That is LOVE.

Now for the after pictures!
I'm very pleased with how it all turned out.
We did this in 1.5 Saturdays
It's still a work in progress...
I'm waiting for my rug to go on sale
and I'll be painting my nightstand. I'll
post pics once I have that completed.

I was inspired by Kasey Buick's lovely
gallery wall over at Lola B's
It's not as grand as hers
but I worked with
the space I had and am pleased
with it.

Cleaned up the dresser, put ball caps
where they go, on a hook in the closet
and got rid of the clutter.

I had to add a crown to the room...
I LOVE crowns...
I AM a daughter of the King
after all :-)

Here's a close up of the curtains

My sweet & talented blog friend Paige
over at Simple Thoughts
took this picture.

BONUS...We had extra material
and my grandma made this
Anthropologie inspired shower
curtain for me!

You can see all of my inspiration and
details on where I purchased everything
on my Pinterest.


paige said...

i LOVE It!!
i would never get out of that fabulous bed!!!! oh my!
grey & yellow is such a wonderful combo.
i looks fantastic my friend!

Evon said...

Oh my gosh, it looks fantastic! I never would have thought to do yellow. It looks amazing! Great work!


fine wine lover said...

Holy moses that looks terrific! ..and yes....grey and yellow is the way to go.

Jamie Bullman said...

Love it all Alecia! You go girl! I'm just getting into pinterest too and LOOOOOOVE IT!!

LindseyLee said...

Magnificent transformation! Loving the yellow and great accent pieces you chose :) Your new room must feel GREAT!

Natasha in Oz said...

Wow Wow Wow! That is some transformation! You have done an amazing job on this and I adore those colours.

I will have to check out your Pinterest Boards!

Best wishes,
Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

Steve Finnell said...

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voip services said...

i would never get out of that fabulous bed.

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Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

It looks absolutely fabulous, girl! I have been drooling over that quilt from Tar-jay for*EVER* looks great in the newly revamped room!

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WoW! that was really beautiful. .love it.

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barbara@hodge:podge said...

It looks amazing! Glad my tutorial could help! It was a lot of work, wasn't it? But worth it in the end!