Tuesday, January 19, 2016

7 - The Number of Completion - The Journey God's Taken Me on the Past 7 Years

Seven...it's the biblical number of completion.
I've been on a journey the past seven years and
didn't even realize it until recently.

It's been seven years since I lost my job in Tulsa.
I was in a state of complete fear and anxiety.

I was losing hair, I was losing sleep, I was losing hope.
I was in a very dark, depressed and unsure place.

My trust in God was completely and utterly lacking.
I could tell you in that moment that I trusted Him.

I could tell you I knew He had a great plan for my life...
BUT it was a total lie!

I didn't know what it looked like to completely trust the Lord.

I'm not sure when God did it but I KNOW now what it means
to completely trust in Him.

How do I know?!?!

Well...here I am, seven years later and I'm unemployed.

You might be a bit confused by that statement.

Well, let me go on.

I lost my job on October 26th.

The next day I felt so much peace.

Peace like I've never felt before.

I didn't tell a lot of people that I'd lost my job.
3 days after losing my job and ZERO advertising...

I had about 8 photo sessions lined up!
This sustained me the 8 weeks it took my unemployment to kick in.

My mortgage company had an unemployment program
that allowed me to pay a reduced monthly payment.

Friends hired me to help them move.

Friends had me over for lunch or dinner or even both sometimes.

Generous gifts from family members.

I had more time with my family over the holidays 
than I've had since I was in college.

I got to spend my free days with the kiddos 
from Maisha while they were here.

I went on interviews and trusted God to open 
and close the doors He saw fit.

It was just a few days ago that I realized...
"it's been seven years since I was in this place before".
I started thinking about the significance of that 
number and what it meant for my life.

I was able to go back and see just how little trust I had
in the Lord to provide for my every need.

This time I've been able to sit back and let Him take care of me 
in a time in previous years I would've been a 
complete stress ball.

Now I'm not claiming
 "Wow...I'm all good...I'm fixed...God did it in 7 years...onto the next thing!"
I still struggle in other areas of my life with 
complete trust but that is for another day & another post.

Best news of it all...I go back to work on Monday. 
 I'm excited about starting a new career. 
 I believe it's right where He wants me. 

 This song is so fitting for this season. 
 I will remember all God had done in my heart through it all!


And my God will supply every need of yours 
according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. 
Philippians 4:19

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