Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sam's a Soccer Star!

It was a beautiful night out at the soccer field...
I had to snap this gorgeous sunset.

I help out with my bosses family a lot and I'm just another name added to their children's list of fans.  I love to go to their soccer, football, basketball & volleyball games.  
Sam had a soccer game last monday night.  I was never really interested in Soccer but this was a great and intense game.  The game went into overtime and they were down to 2 min. left in the first overtime....the next team that scored, won the game.  So, Sam was lined up in the corner attempting his 3rd corner kick of the evening.  He missed the first 2...they went a little too high.  When it counted most, that kid kicked the ball and it curved around and went straight into the net!!!  It was sooo exciting.  I was so proud of him and totally impressed!  
I'm thinkin' about getting the book Soccer for Dummies ;-D

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