Monday, April 7, 2008

85 And Still Stylin'!!!

Rhonda Dipping Strawberries
Me takin' a break from strawberry 
dipping to make sure they taste good ;-D
Nana VERY surprised...look at her amazing outfit!
The Cake!
Nana & the Party Planners

My great grandmother turned 85 in March so on the 30th we decided to surprise her with a party...Boy was she surprised!  We had lots of friends and family come to wish her a happy birthday on this momentous day. 
We had a fun animal print theme because she is such a stylin' Nana and stays up with fashion and she happens to carry a leopard print purse every now and then!  
Rhonda and I had lots of fun decorating and setting always.  
Love you Nana!!!


Steven & Amy said...

Happy Birthday Nana...looks like fun, I think my invite got lost in the mail

Alecia said...

Oh yeah, it must have...I was wondering why you didn't make it?!?! :-}