Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008- One World One Dream

The Countdown - 498 Days 


This is me on the very steep slope on the Great Wall
While we were climbing, we kept seeing signs that said 
"Sleep Slope Ahead" 
You can't tell but I'm sporting my Olympic Gear- the Jacket

This was up high on a hill as we climbed 
the Great Wall


The Opening Ceremonies- AMAZING!!!

Just over 500 days ago my excitement for the Olympics began...How do I know 500 days?!?!
I was in Beijing when the "500 days until the Olympics" mile marker occurred.  
They celebrated with a bang that day too....fireworks and all!  
We were in Tiananmen Square where they had a HUGE countdown displayed.
I climbed the Great Wall of China and saw the Olympics slogan for the first time...up close and personal- One World One Dream 2008.
Val and I bought our semi matching Olympic Gear.
Great memories. no surprise, China out did themselves with the opening ceremonies...I was in AWE the entire time.  Nothing short of Spectacular!  
This is a fantastic time of year....thousands of people from around the globe, all in one place, to compete...they're the best of the best in the entire World.  Makes for very intense & exciting competition!
Enjoy.  Go USA!

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