Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Olympics Are sad

It's All over :-(
I've really enjoyed the excitement of
the Beijing Olympics. I've had many conversations
with friends about the SPECTACULAR Opening Ceremonies,
close finishes in swimming, Dara Torres competing at 41 and showing
great sportsmanship when her competetor had a torn suit,
Michael Phelps smashing world records and winning 8 Golds,
Shawn Johnson finally winning a much deserved Gold,
OU boy Jonathan Horton winning Silver-Boomer Sooner!,
Trampolining...who remembered that was an Olympic sport?!?
The women's & men's relay FINALLY getting it together and
winning after dropping the baton in the previous race,
and many more fascinating moments...I LOVED IT ALL!!!
It was all good...I loved every second of it and
I'll patiently wait for the London Olympics 2012.

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