Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Me!!!

1. I love to watch Sooner Sports...especially Football
2. I have a fetish for linens...towels, sheets, decorative cltoh, etc.
3. I have a ridiculously adorable niece
4. I have 3 younger brothers
5. I HATE MOVING WITH A PASSION and I've moved twice in the last 2 months!!!
6. I found a church I LOVE and had to leave b/c of my new job.
7. I can watch a movie that I love over and over again.
8. I cry at Hallmark commercials, movies and anytime someone else cries...I'm a cryer
9. I LOVE to decorate
10. I was born in Alaska
11. The best summer of my life was when I lived in North Myrtle Beach for Summer Project in '97 and met a GREAT group of people that ALL have a special place in my heart.
12. I love to travel.
13. The 3 Farthest places I've been are China, India & Ethiopia
14. I've never been to Mexico
15. I love that I can be on Facebook or Skype and talk to my friends around the world.
16. My favorite icecream is Braum's Peanut Butter Cup...DE-LISH!!!
17. I twirl my hair when I watch T.V....and only when I watch TV
18. I collect Crosses
19. I LOVE Tulips
20. I don't listen to the radio anymore...just my CD's
21. I love movie night with my friends.
22. I HATE saying goodbye
23. I Love being surprised and doing the surprising
24. I watched Titanic a ridiculous amount of times in college.(And cried every time)
25. I love being Auntie Alecia to my friends makes me :)

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