Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The "Retreat"

The Dude Ranch...don't hate!
International Night
Sheba, Christine, Me & Babitha
In our India Garb 
Cathie's reaction when she saw Lori
Cathie & Lori
Every year we have our annual work "retreat"...we seriously need a vacation after the "retreat". This is when we welcome the new Interns and the 3rd years graduate and move on to the real world or mission field.  It was a fun time...I didn't get much sleep but it was great to relive fun moments shared and meet up with old friends.  Lori, who started at Image the same year the 3rd years started, moved to another program 7 months into their first year.  She and I had maintained our friendship and we decided to surprise everyone with her....that was such a hard secret to keep!!!  But worth it.
It's a sad time, having to say good bye to my friends that will be scattering all over the world. I'm blessed to have had them in my life for a season.  
Blessings to you all as you pursue God's call on your life.

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