Friday, July 11, 2008

Seriously.....I'll Post for Real....SOON!!!!

I know, I know....I'm totally behind on all my blogging...I've been super busy.  But I had to share these two sites with you that I do believe I'm in LOVE with....all my creative friends will have a hay day looking at these sites.  The first on is from a photographer that I go to church with, Ashley Ann....she has lots of fun ideas for summer fun with the kiddos (If I had kiddos these are things I would do with them).  She also has fun crafty things to do.
The other site is Design* Sponge, a fun DIY design site....soooo cute and full of clever ideas.
I do believe Amanda & Amy, in particular, will enjoy both of these sites!
Happy Browsing!


Steven & Amy said...

Still waiting for the REAL post

Alecia said...

Sorry...I'll get to it in the next day or's that?!?!

Steven & Amy said...

still waiting

denise lopez said...

Hey you post when you post--the rest of us need to get over it!! I FINALLY added you to my blog list! Call me--sorry I have the wrong number in my phone for you--hello--906-9660--CALL ME with the right number!! Sorry I am a loser!